Charm bracelet reviews

pandora jewelry

Pandora Jewelry

The strength of the Pandora bracelet is the unique patented threaded system. Each bracelet is divided into three sections by small threads. Each bead is equipped with interior threads, which allows you to screw individual beads onto any bracelet segment in the order you desire. The beads move freely and rotate slightly with your wrists’ movement, creating an undeniable eye catching and stunning effect.

There are endless variations and opportunities, from jeans to formalwear, the Pandora bracelet enhances any attire. Pandora Jewelry can change to fit your mood and express your personal character. The patented Pandora bracelet ranges in cost from $27 for the basic sterling silver to $840 for a solid 14k gold. Small attachments cost $9 and the clips and beads range from $20 to over $500. Pandora Jewelry has its own in-house design studio in Copenhagen, Denmark, where dedicated designers work hard to ensure consistent innovative integrity and originality in our products. The Pandora Jewelry factory employs 250 highly trained silversmiths and goldsmiths to perfect every design into a finished jewelry product. New designs are introduced four times a year.


trollbead charms

Trollbead Jewelry

Trollbead Charms is unique jewelry. Each bead has its own little history, taking its inspiration from mythology, astrology, fairy tales, fauna, flora, cultural diversity, and last but certainly not least, in the familiar things of everyday living.

Rembrandt Charms

Rembrandt Charms

Rembrandt Charms is world-renowned for superb craftsmanship and a stunning collection featuring thousands of charm styles.  Only Rembrandt has earned the title, The World’s Largest Charm Collection by offering each charm style in five different precious metals: sterling silver, gold plate, 10k yellow gold, and 14k yellow and white gold.

Rembrandt is a family-owned business that has been designing and manufacturing charms and charm bracelets for over 40 years.

All Rembrandt products are backed by a Lifetime Warranty.

Chamilia Charms

Chamilia Charms

The name Chamilia is a more feminized word pointing to "Chameleon", which demonstrates the ability to change with the environment and adapt to your surrounding.  Chameleon is also an exotic animal with the ability to take on a variety of appearances, like the jewelry Chamilia.

Chamilia's inspiration originates from European styling. Designers create each design, which are then handmade by experienced craftsman.

Chamilia jewelry allows one to design and customize their own bracelets, necklaces, and anklets, each having unique character and style.  Select individual beads from a large and growing collection of the highest quality sterling silver, 14K gold and Swarovski crystals.  The unique jewelry system allows one to add and change beads as they wish.  One can start with just one bead or add as many beads as desired.

Starting bracelets retail anywhere from $17 to $20 and charms retail from $15 to $100+ each, depending on your selection. The average bead retails fro $15 and solid gold pieces sell at the upper end of the range.


Italian charms

A generic name for many different brands of stainless steel charm bracelet such as Zoppini, Unodomani, Dolce Oro, Casa D'Oro, JJ Kent, Boxing, Reflorence Walt Disney, Linx, Puzzle Collection, Passavinti, Toscana, Carisma, Linea Italia, RyRy, Amorini, Symphony, Silla, etc...

These are the least expensive type of charm bracelet, but also presents the widest selection of charm designs. With literally thousands of choices in charms, it is a most enjoyable way to build a bracelet that is unique to you.